Global Para-Taekwondo University

Global Para-Taekwondo University is the vision of Master Michael Sirota who has been a pioneer in developing, implementing and promoting Taekwondo based programs for individuals with various special needs and disabilities. Master Sirota’s mission is to see millions of people with all types of disabilities benefit from Taekwondo training. To date, Master Sirota’s schools have welcomed over one thousand special needs students. He has also consulted individual instructors to international associations on how to develop Para-Taekwondo programs for people with disabilities. Our Para-Taekwondo Online Certification Program educates Taekwondo Coaches, Instructors and Masters from all regions of the World.

The Global Para-Taekwondo University is a subsidiary of the Global Para-Taekwondo Consultancy Inc. and the certification arm of the World Para-Taekwondo Instructors Association.